January 26, 2013

Hello Bend, Oregon

2350 NW Lemhi Pass

It's never easy to say goodbye to one phase of life and hello to a new one. But that is what 2350 NW Lehmi Pass represents. Starting in June. A new life, in a new home, in a new town, in a new state. Athletically, artistically and aesthetically inclined people. Great bakeries. River trails. Very friendly and seemingly supportive people. I'll spend some time getting acclimated, doing a little photography, supporting my daughter in a new stage of our relationship and dreaming up whatever is next. Exciting scary. Scary exciting.

I will miss my friends and the Bay Area but the door will always be open for visits. And I'll actually have a guest room to welcome you.

I know this is my right path forward. Hopefully, in time, those I love will wholeheartedly agree.


Be still. Gather yourself. The thunder rolls away and there comes a clear dawn.

N. Scott Momaday