September 4, 2014

Oregon Granary Stack

Oregon Granary Stack

While the bulk of my efforts these days is focused on film photography and Ilfochrome printing, I've been, when circumstances allow, working on some new themes. The image here highlights one of my new favorite subjects — granaries.

A two-day trip to Spokane to see singer-songwriter Jeffrey Foucault in concert, afforded the opportunity to meander the backroads of northeastern Oregon on my way home. A bright sunny day had me questioning whether any subject matter would inspire but near, Ione, Oregon, a granary was fortuitously stationed, its shadowed sections illuminated by reflected sunlight from a nearby ridge. The granary stacks glowed in shades of warm blue and gray complimented by the yellow sectioning which was further illuminated by reflected light bouncing off the sunny side of the foreground stack. I couldn't have asked for a better situation to make a photograph.


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Georgia O'Keeffe