The Starry Night

August 20, 2015

Star Trails over Clarno

<a href="/images/craft/star-trails-over-clarno-large.jpg"></a>Hazy atmospherics, thanks to drifting smoke in and around the Clarno Unit of the <a href="">John Day Fossil Beds National Monument</a>, added a l...

October 6, 2014

Star Trails - Zion Canyon

<a href="/images/craft/star-trails-zion-canyon-large.jpg"></a>3 hours. 363 photos. They are the ingredients of this photograph, tracking the stars last night over Zion National Park, my home for the next two months. In celebration of this t...


Photography is not easy. You know it takes a painter or a sculpture or a musician years to perfect their technique. Then they're free to make an expression in a matter of moments. It takes moments for a photographer to perfect his technique. And then it takes years for him to make it into something that is truly creative and worthwhile.

Paul Caponigro