October 10, 2014

The Goodness Baked In

Garbage Cleaned up in Zion National Park

This morning, after a particularly productive photography session, I spent 20 minutes picking up trash strewn aside a pull out on the upper east side of Zion National Park. I assembled the items together on a my truck bed, took the photo here, then a detailed inventory. Here's what was discernible:

  • Two Bud Light Bottles (fairly fresh)
  • The top third of a broken 7-Up bottle (not so fresh)
  • A bottle cap for a Sprite
  • A bottle cap for a Beck's Special Dark
  • A Motts Medleys wrapper
  • Three Trident chewing gum wrappers
  • Zig Zag paper packaging
  • A Welch's Fruit Chews wrapper
  • A Regions bank receipt for a $40 withdrawal with a remaining balance of $318.00
  • A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sticker (intact)
  • A Planters Peanuts wrapper (not so intact)
  • Toast Chee Crackers wrapper with the tagline "Goodness Baked In"
  • An empty sheet of what looked to be children's stickers
  • A DumDums sucker wrapper
  • A 9/13/14 receipt for $100 to Whitney Cowan to rent Apt #1 w/o storage from Aug 1-31 with a $810 balance due
  • A dryer sheet (thinking this was Whitney's too but that's just a guess)
  • A burger wrapper from Iceberg Drive-in which I've never heard of, but apparently has been in business since 1960
  • The wrapper for Nice! Purified Water. It was Nice! of them to keep the plastic bottle (to be recycled, no doubt)
  • The "non-tare" tare strip off a PowerBar goo pack
  • 13 cigarette butts, mostly Marlboro but I did note one Chinese labeled brand
  • Non-discernible items were numerous clear wrappers for candy, straws, something that cost $1.59 and a number of pieces of broken glass

And what I didn't pick up was a minimum of 20 separate droppings of toilet paper in varying degrees of stickiness and decay. Ironically, the evening before, I'd met a back country ranger whose duties include cleaning up human waste (i.e. shit) out of the Narrows. Even deadly flash-flooding apparently isn't enough to flush out people's creative pooping places within the Narrows. Hint. They like to get very high. And, no, that's not a Zion pun.

I went to the perversely entertaining trouble to itemize all that trash so I could write this post with a simple conclusion.

Fuck you litter bugs!

Try taking a class on human decency and get some goodness baked into you.


Too often, attempting to represent the sacred in nature is maligned as being naive or simplistic, and is said to be unchallenging and visually unsophisticated. This need not be so.

Christopher Burkett